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stuck in the binge-restrict cycle

feeling like body image issues are consuming your life

under-eating or over-exercising

feeling guilty for eating foods deemed "unhealthy"

tired of missing out on life because of your fear

critizing your body every chance you get

trying desperately to "fix" yourself

wanting to listen to your body but not knowing how

knowing you need help but being too scared to ask for it

You're here. You made it. This space is for you.

Take a deep breath – relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, give yourself some rest. I know how hard this is, but you are doing the best you can and I know you probably don’t hear those words enough from yourself. You are deserving of so so much more in life than what you are doing to yourself and your body. I’m here to show you that you CAN get to a place of pure freedom and bliss. 

Hello, my love.


In this transformational program, you'll receive:

  • 12 comprehensive modules covering self-limiting beliefs, food freedom, mindful eating, body acceptance, and SO much more.

  • Engaging video lessons, worksheets, exercises and journal prompts to deepen your self-discovery.

  • A supportive community to connect, share, and receive support from fellow participants.

  • Live Q&A sessions with me, where I'll personally address your questions and concerns.*


This course is all about embracing freedom and joy in your relationship with food and your body. It's time to rewrite your story and step into a future of empowerment and nourishment.

* For live course rounds only


Here's what you will learn during our 12 weeks together...

MODULE 1:  Welcome & Finding Your "Why"

MODULE 2:  Self-Limiting Beliefs & Meditation

MODULE 3:  Comparison & Social Media

MODULE 4:  Hunger Cues

MODULE 5:  Calorie Counting / Numbers

MODULE 6:  Challenging Fear Foods

MODULE 7: Celebrating Wins / Pros & Cons

MODULE 8:  Body Checking / Body Neutrality

MODULE 9:  Combatting Food Rules

MODULE 10:  Mindful Movement

MODULE 11:  Hormone Re-Balancing

MODULE 12:  Relapse Plan

Unlock Your


Journey Today

This course is for women like you, struggling with disordered eating and body image  -- empowering them to break free from food restrictions and embrace self-love. So that they can live a life of serenity and acceptance WITHOUT restriction.

Are you ready to nourish your body and soul?

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  • How do I know if your course is right for me?
    If you've been struggling with disordered eating, body image issues, and a desire to heal your relationship with food, The Art of Nourishment is tailored for you. Whether you're caught in the binge-restrict cycle or seeking to embrace intuitive eating, this course will empower you with the tools and knowledge to create a nourishing and fulfilling life.
  • What if I want more support?
    I understand that everyone's journey is unique, and additional support may be desired. Alongside the course content, you'll have access to a dedicated community group where you can connect with other participants, share experiences, and receive guidance. For those seeking more personalized support, I also offer one-on-one coaching sessions that can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • I’m scared to invest in this program… What should I do?
    Investing in your well-being can be an intimidating decision, but remember that you don't have to walk this path alone. The Art of Nourishment is designed to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for your transformation. I encourage you to explore the testimonials and success stories from past participants, which reflect the positive impact of this course. Additionally, you can reach out to me directly for a free clarity call to address any concerns and determine if the course is the right fit for you.
  • How does your course work?
    The Art of Nourishment is a transformative journey designed to help you break free from disordered eating patterns and embrace a nourishing relationship with food and your body. It's a self-paced program that spans 12 modules, each offering video lessons and written content to guide you through the process. You'll have access to powerful exercises, mindfulness practices, meditations, journal prompts and actionable strategies to implement in your daily life. Additionally, I provide ongoing support through a dedicated community group, where you can connect with like-minded individuals and receive personalized guidance.
  • What makes this different from any other food freedom course?
    What sets my Food Freedom Course apart is the unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise that I bring to the table. Having overcome my own eating disorder, I understand the challenges and nuances of this journey firsthand. Additionally, the course includes my signature Nourished Method which is a holistic approach that combines shadow-work, mindfulness, and self-compassion, leading to lasting and transformative change.
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