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I offer a variety of coaching options to get you to your highest self!

Disordered Eating Recovery Coaching

Are you sick and tired of obsessing about food & your body? 

Do you struggle with restricting, binging, purging, or over-exercising?

Are you trying to learn intuitive eating and want guidance?

Are your negative thoughts about your body keeping you from enjoying life?

​Are you working with a therapist or treatment team, but feel that you would benefit from some extra support?

​I'm here to help!

​I offer weekly 60 minute coaching sessions (via Zoom, FaceTime, etc). I help you set actionable goals, push through those pesky limiting beliefs, & help you discover self-love, body kindness, and freedom from disordered thoughts.

I don’t want you to look back on your life and regret moments and memories that slipped away or were tainted by your eating disorder.

(I have a limited amount of coaching spots left, apply below to see if we are a good fit!)

Image by Jared Rice

Food Freedom Coaching

Living in a society created to make us women feel like s*** about ourselves and our bodies  is debilitating -- but you are not alone! My 1:1 coaching program is designed for women who are ready to take back the power that diet culture has over you and OWN IT while learning how to live without scarcity or food restriction and enjoy your life!! 

We will work through all of your obstacles and unpack why you feel the way you do while creating an action plan to help you push through your struggles and achieve your dreams. Allow me to be there for you every step of the way as you create a life you love.

What do I provide?

- guidance and support

- help you overcome your diet/binge tendencies

- motivational tactics to help you live freely

- work with you to understand your needs and help you achieve your goals

- keep you accountable by being with you every step of the way


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