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Listen, I know what it's like...

Feeling sick to your stomach every time you eat, and even more so when you try clothes on and become painfully aware of the softness of your body -- I’ve been there.

I know how hard it can be – wanting so desperately to love your body, and give it the care and compassion it is begging for, but unable to feel connected to that girl staring back at you in the mirror.

To feel as though “one more week of dieting, one more month of consistent grueling workouts, one more day of treating myself like this and then it’ll be okay”.

To believe that once you have “lost the weight” or “toned up” or “slimmed down” that all will be well again.

That you’ll be loved, by yourself and others, and you’ll FINALLY be confident in your own skin.

Just a little bit longer.

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You’re constantly feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated that you haven’t seen instant results. You’re working yourself into the ground, trying every new diet, workout challenge or paying for the newest trendy weight loss formula. 


You’re bombarded with “happy & healthy & fit” women all over the internet, who seem to have their entire life in order, while maintaining the body of your dreams and you feel so incredibly far behind. Your life revolves around food, or how much you ate, or the amount you’ll ‘need’ to exercise in order to feel better. (Not to mention the information overload tiktok, ig and youtube influencers keep pushing about health and wellness)


Maybe you’ve even decided “enough is enough”, and you’ve made the decision to ban all “unhealthy” foods – you did it for a day, or a week, before your body turned on you and produced a craving for a cookie. It would start with substituting the cookie for an apple, then maybe a bowl or 2 of low calorie popcorn. Then maybe a bag of sugar free gummies – you see where I’m going? – until eventually you get so frustrated and unsatisfied that you sneak into the depths of your cupboard to find anything remotely similar to a cookie…

A small bite of a cookie turns into 6 cookies, to “fuck it, my good day of eating is ruined anyway” and all of a sudden you’re knuckle deep in a jar of peanut butter, feeling sick to your stomach. spoiler: a recurring binge food for me was animal crackers dipped STRAIGHT into a tub of icing (yes, recurring). You go to bed feeling guilty, wake up and skip as many meals as you can to “make up” for what you’ve done – and the cycle repeats. Sound familiar ?

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You’re stuck in this cycle, and you’re missing out on LIFE. You want nothing more than to feel CONNECTED with your body again to know what it needs, and to feel confident in the way you look and feel. 
But, HOW? 

This is where my Nourish Coaching Method comes in.

It was born in the depths of my eating disorder, and grew with each certification I received while climbing out of it.

I dug deep, and used all of the knowledge I had built up over the years following my recovery journey to craft an intuitive method for others who were struggling just like I was.

The Nourish Coaching Method focuses on creating a freedom-based lifestyle, devoid of thoughts revolving around food, your body, and calories.

We dive into the deep-seeded beliefs and negative thought distortions holding you back from living life to the fullest, and focus on shifting your mindset while challenging that little voice in the back of your head telling you you’re not enough.

NEWSFLASH: you are.

or keep reading to learn more...


A 12-week intensive, 1 on 1 coaching container with weekly calls to completely transform your life - permanently ditch the diets, fall in love with self-care and learn how to nourish your body, mind & soul.

Personalized Wellness Plan

My coaching container includes a personalized wellness plan with dietary, supplement and lifestyle changes.

Mindset Shifts

Our weekly sessions will integrate deep and long-lasting mindset shifting around food freedom  &  diet culture.

Intuitive Living

The entire program revolves around crafting a specific and easy way to move and eat while listening to your body - teaching you how to live fully intuitively.

This program is made for YOU and only you – specially crafted to delve into each part of you that needs healing, but can’t do it alone. 



My name is Miranda and I'm an anti-diet nutritionist, yoga teacher, certified personal trainer and eating disorder recovery coach.

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with food and body image. At 13, I was compulsively exercising, counting calories and almost always ended up on tumblr researching the newest “thinspo” pictures to fuel my burning desire to become thin.


Counting calories slowly turned into RESTRICTING calories, which turned into fainting spells followed by inevitably binging on anything and everything I could get my hands on. 5 years into it, I had transitioned into becoming fully bulimic. I hit rock bottom, and decided I needed to make a change.


I began my journey of recovery, and spent all of my time studying, acquiring a holistic nutrition degree, becoming a yoga teacher, personal trainer and breathwork / meditation practitioner. I dove into everything there was to know about health, wellness, the connection between your mind and body, and how to create lasting change while incorporating mindset shifts into your everyday life.


Needless to say, I applied everything I had learnt to myself, and created a newfound passion for sharing the intuitive method I had created and used on myself to build my freedom based lifestyle.

Copy of Copy of Health Coach - Square Posts (Facebook Post (Landscape)) (Presentation (169
Copy of Copy of Health Coach - Square Posts (Facebook Post (Landscape)) (Presentation (169

I’ve been exactly where you are right now – doing the research, wanting to find a one-size-fits-all solution to this chaos within you.

I know it's scary.

 Realizing that the only way to fix the emptiness within you and begin to live life to the fullest is to reframe your internal core beliefs and relearn how to love yourself again.

Wanting to take the next step but being so terrified of asking for help – of admitting that you need it.

But guess what?

You’re here.

You’ve shown up. That is the first step – and you’ve already done it.

Let me be the one to guide you back to yourself.

Being soft is not a weakness. 

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