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“I can’t even begin to describe how much working with Miranda has changed my life! I had been struggling with anorexia and an unhealthy relationship with exercise for over 10 years, and I genuinely wasn’t sure I would ever have a healthy relationship with food and my body. I had previously tried other programs of recovery but I didn’t feel like they had ever really addressed the mental side of my eating disorder. Miranda was so patient and kind and helped me to address a lot of the thought distortions that I had struggled with for a long time. Thanks to working with her, I have challenged my eating disorder more than I ever have in the last 10 years, and am now at the strongest place in my recovery I have ever been!"

"Miranda has been so engaged as a recovery coach, and I really enjoy the fact that I can reach out to her any time I am having a bad body image day, am trying a fear food or just want to celebrate an ED win with someone! She has such a warm and caring energy and has eased a lot of the fears I had around recovery. I couldn’t possibly recommend someone more than I recommend going to her!”

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